Preparations for the new arrivals

A while after successful matching… we had a plan and a potential date for introductions. We were torn between furiously getting ready physically and also emotionally.  We were conscious to appreciate our time together, to go out and have fun and do ‘grown up’ activities as much as we could.  It was hard to concentrate on our work as our new priority was our twins arriving.

Practically we chose some beds and bedroom furniture. You would think these were the easy things to do however I had never done this before and didn’t know the difference between a cot bed and a toddler bed. I still probably don’t!   We immersed ourselves in choosing colours and a few toys for the room. Not too much, but enough to make it welcoming.  At the same time we were aware this may not actually happen and we could be told at any time about a hold or delay. It was a stressful time but in an exciting way.

We were preparing a family book to give to the kids to introduce them to their forever Mummy and Daddy.  Some people did DVDs but we took the ‘safe’ option and did a photo book as I was quite conscious of being on video and I didn’t want to come across as nervous for the children. It was fun making up the books. It was quite hilarious taking photos of the nearby park with the cuddly toys we had bought for them! If anyone could have seen us skulking around the kiddies playground in the late and early hours we could have been arrested!  I really enjoyed it when their dad got involved putting stickers on the book round the lovely photos. Such fun and totally out of character when he’s normally suited and booted.  The beginning of a very different journey for us both.  We wanted to fill the book with the routine that was for them to become familiar over time. The Social Workers give us some ideas and we have photos of the teddies at the dinner table, in the car seats, in the bath and in the bedroom.  Although they were twins we did a book for each of them and made each little book different using stickers and designs themed with their favourite animals and designed with hearts and flowers in their favourite colours. The kids still adore these books today and are a precious and valuable memory.

Adoption leave from work had finally started. It all happened in a bit of a rush in the end. We had met the foster carers and saw a DVD of the children. This was so exciting to know they were real! Our first formal date was set for a life appreciation day to be followed the next day by introductions. The appreciation day was be led by the many social workers and foster carers that knew the children. I remember being surprised that they were referring to us as Mum and Dad!  It was lovely to speak to more people who actually knew the girls and their characters.  We also heard more about their story and this saddened us but helped us realise we had a responsible job to do and we were about to take on the most important thing we would ever do. As we already had met the Foster Carers once before they were lovely familiar faces on the day and we quickly were at ease with them.  It was however all totally strange and such a responsibility to live up to.

The next day was to be the 1st day of introductions. An hour was planned for the afternoon at the Foster carer’s house.  Oh my goodness the real nerves were starting now. I would have normally been nervous about going to someone’s house just to visit let alone someone who I didn’t know and on top of that meeting our children for the 1st time.  Oh my goodness, this was going to really push me out of my comfort zone and on top of that there was all the emotion of becoming Mummy and Daddy to 2 little girls.  This was going to be fun!


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